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Brand operation strategy support

The whole process of tracking operation guidance, Dior sanitary ware has a special sales consultant, monthly tour to customers' business guidance  assist customers pre-sales, sales, after-sales service.Provide "Dior Sanitary Ware Marketing Manual"  other operational guidance materials to guide customers to conduct standardized management.

Image support

Personalized store decoration  display design, unified dior brand VI image;Professional designer team to provide customers with a full set of SI, CI store image design, product portfolio sample  other professional services.

Opening support: decoration, sample, marketing one-stop service.

Standardized management support: decoration  product management services.

Professional market analysis support: market research, store evaluation, investment budget, return analysis.

Marketing support

Decoration advertising: According to the decoration area of the customer store, Dior sanitary ware provides the decoration cost support regional advertising support.

Publicity support: media release, image promotion.

Sales support

Regularly provide large-scale national promotion, regional joint promotion, multi-brand joint promotion other promotion plans, provide market support to ensure that customers have regional competitive advantages.

Terminal support: regularly hold shopping guide training sessions, sales management, regional manager to the store for training assistance.

Product support: a number of patented technologies, a number of product series of more than 200, to provide a stable, rich product supply security.

Risk aversion support: provide feasibility analysis for opening.

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