Cooperation Required

Cooperation Required


Cooperation mode

* Exclusive sales area: store within store, 40-80 m2 shall be reserved as dior product display area.

* Exclusive stores: only dior brand, store area 70-120m2

* Flagship store: only dior brand, store area 150 m2  above.

Target of agent operator

* Like-minded -- identify with the company's products, marketing model  business philosophy.

* Project focus -- the company's products as the main products, do  deal in competitors' products.

* Strength -- Have certain capital strength  operation ability.

* Experience -- Experience  ability to set up  manage sales channels  end markets.

* Good faith -- pay attention to contract, keep credit standing,  seek long-term development plan.

Requirements of agent operator
* Maintain The Dior brand report the phenomenon of imitation imitation of the company's products in the market.

* Closely keep company secrets regularly inform the company of the true situation of sales inventory.

* Agents individuals who have the right to sell in their own regions are allowed to sell in other regions.

Agency site requirements
* Concentrated customer base -- the store address should be located in the local mainstream stores, building materials market the area with a certain number of customers.

* Store hardware -- For agents with different types of stores, complete water, electricity office equipment, good lighting other conditions.The store shall be decorated in accordance with the unified image of the company.

* Image display space -- The exclusive store flagship store should have a separate image wall a certain space outside for image display necessary advertising.

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