Join  Process

Join  Process


1.png Consulting for Cooperative alliance

Read the details of the company investment materials, can be obtained the company staff.

2.png The market research

Franchising agents of the city business district for the field survey, ready for the early stage.

3.png To apply for

To confirm the intention to join, fill in the application form.

4.png Company audit evaluation

The company will investigate the information credit of franchisees, conduct investigation evaluation of franchisees stores.

5.png Negotiate a franchise contract

Communicate in detail with the person in charge of the Marketing Department about the specific matters of cooperation negotiate the joining contract.

6.png Sign a franchise contract

After the company to the intention of the franchisee's audit qualified to sign a formal franchise contract, at the same time to pay the sincerity (mortgage payment) deal with the relevant procedures.

7.png Store design decoration

According to the decoration standard of the franchising store, complete the design decoration of the store under the guidance of the company.

8.png Product shelves

The company's regional marketing service personnel to complete the logistics distribution, store display.

9.jpg Business management training

The company provides franchisees with training in all aspects of franchise management technology.

10.png Practice operation

The store passed the acceptance inspection entered the terminal market operation stage. The company regularly guided the operation.

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